Donate to the 2018 Air Quality Investigation!

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Donate to the 2018 Air Quality Investigation!

Update April 3, 2018: The Air Quality Investigation fund drive is now closed. Please check back later for our reporting on this important topic and thanks again to all those who donated!

The Utah Investigative Journalism Project is very excited to announce a special campaign for 2018, a long-term investigation into the grimy issue on everyone’s minds–and coating their lungs–air quality.

To this endeavor we’ve created a separate GoFundMe fundraiser specifically for this endeavor. We’re issuingĀ  a call for help to all those that would be interested in donating to this special investigation. The funding will be used for staff and contributor compensation and for research costs to tackle this challenging topic.

The Project plans to look into how air quality regulations are enforced, prominent polluters, issues of public transit and more. That being said, The Project is also putting out a request for tips and suggestions, so even if you can’t spare a few dollars any suggestions or ideas would also be most welcome.

Also please note that just like regular donations to the nonprofit, in keeping with our transparency policy the names of donors and the amount of their donation will be listed on this website.

Click here to donate to the 2018 Air Quality Campaign.


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