“Local News vs. Fake News” Panel Event at Made in Utah Festival

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“Local News vs. Fake News” Panel Event at Made in Utah Festival


The Utah Investigative Journalism Project is excited to announce that it will be hosting a panel discussion on how local journalism will survive and fight through the scourge of misinformation and manipulation that abounds in our current “fake news” era.

The discussion, to be part of The Made in Utah Festival will focus on issues critical to the health of our Democracy–how can journalists help the public better recognize “fake news”? How can the public hold accountable politicians who capitalize on misinformation to brand their critics as “fake news”? How will local journalists push through this new challenge in the media world to continue being a watchdog on the powerful and providing local communities with the info needed for an active and engaged citizenry?

The event will be Saturday, Aug. 25, at 2:30 pm at The Gateway Mall, 400 W. 100 South, Salt Lake City. The discussion will be part of The 2018 Made in Utah Festival’s VIP experience (21 and older only). The VIP area will be in an air conditioned space at the mall overlooking the main festival and will host multiple local restaurants, drinks and music. More info and tickets can be purchased here.

The festival is a celebration of local business, culture and arts. To that end we’re very excited to have a panel that includes local media leaders such as Fox 13’s Ben Winslow, The Salt Lake Tribune’s government politics editor Dan Harrie, Bryan Schott of Utah Policy, Rone Tempest of The Utah Investigative Journalism Project and Charlotte Fife-Jepperson, editor of West View Media.


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