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Trainings Now Available for Non Media Groups

The Utah Investigative Journalism Project is excited to now offer our training sessions as a paid service to non-media organizations. After hearing from multiple local businesses and community groups interested in receiving investigative training, we’ve decided to offer training sessions as a paid service to non-media groups.

If you represent a business, nonprofit, or community group interested in learning how to dig with databases or master the art of filing public records requests, please contact me for pricing details at

As usual all our trainings are free to media groups, and if your newsroom hasn’t taken advantage of this service please get in touch with me. At the Utah Investigative Journalism Project we want to share what we know to everyone interested in upping their muckraking game.

That’s why we’re also excited to announce the addition of two new training courses–“State Records Committee Consultations” and “Investigative Interviewing.”

Our GRAMA course remains our most popular but sometimes reporters could use some advice on a particular records dispute that looks to be headed to the State Records Committee. The panel is designed to help the average citizen in search of denied public records and while you don’t need a lawyer to help you prepare for a hearing, it doesn’t help to get advice from someone who has been to the committee frequently. We can help you craft your appeal, prepare oral arguments and even advise you on whether the appeal is worth it or not to even take to the SRC.

We’ve also recently developed our “Investigative Interviewing” course to help reporters ask the right questions, get better answers (and quotes), and even fine-tune their BS detectors when it comes to interviews with shifty sources.

Please reach out to learn more!




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